These are basically the surf photography session rates:

For 1 hour shooting:

1 surfer.                Php4000

2 surfers.             Php5000 (2500 each)

3 surfers.             Php6000 (2000 each)

4 surfers.             Php7200 (1800 each)

For about 2 hours shooting (Recommended) :

    Shooting from: Water. /. Boat

1 surfer.            Php5000. /. Php4500

2 surfers.         Php6000. /. Php5000

3 surfers.         Php7200. /. Php6000

4 surfers.         Php8000. /. Php7000

Plus boat fee (php150-300) only if it’s necessary and depending on the surf spot.

Important: Spots reached by boat, like Boomys, Rock Island, Stimpys, Philippine Deep, Pesangan/Cemetery, Daku, Matanjak, etc. and the spots not located in GL area, like Santa Fe, Salvacion, Giwan/Union area, it’s always a minimum of 2 hours session. 

I will be swimming or snapping from a boat, depending on your preferences, the surf spot or the ocean conditions, shooting all the waves that you surf while the photo session time.

All photos are taken in RAW format to assure the best quality, with a full frame Nikon D750 camera, using the high burst shooting  mode. Files are developed in Lightroom and converted in JPG, to be delivered in digital format, personally via AirDrop (iPhone, Mac) or to your own SD card, USB or Laptop, or, remotely whit a Google Drive link.

Quantity of photos is unlimited, depending on how many waves you guys take, I will shoot also while your paddling, will try also to get some duck diving snap, posing posing as you please in the board or any idea you got mind. And for sure you will get some funny photos about your wipe outs 😂

You can choose sunrise or sunset time to get stunning lights on your photos, but this will also depend on your  instructors/guides advice, waves conditions and tides. 


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